"Potcake" is the name of the feral dogs from the Caribbean Islands. The name originates from the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands. They were dubbed with this name because the locals used to feed stray dogs the caked on remains of the cooking pot from their dish called "rice and peas".

Potcakes are rescued from islands in the Caribbean. They are often found on the beaches near resorts by tourists or found wondering on the island. Litters of puppies, adult dogs, and even single puppies are found by these tourists or on island rescue groups. Potcakes are a medium sized dog, usually ranging from 40-55lbs, however we have seen many go under or over that average (some even hitting over 100lbs!). They come in all shapes, colours, coat types, etc.! They really are "mystery mutts"!

As years and generations have passed, potcakes have evolved into a breed that is incredibly intelligent, loyal, loving, and cuddly! Potcakes are VERY different from the "regular" dogs we have here in Canada in so many ways. Most potcakes have very strong survival instincts. Potcakes are generally dogs who live out their lives on the streets, fending for food, avoiding humans because lots of people where they live do not care about them or do not treat them very kindly, and having to defend their space from other dogs or other packs of dogs. Many potcakes are rescued as very young pups or even born in the care of a rescue or shelter so they would never have had to do these things in order to survive, however after so many years of potcakes learning to survive on the streets, these "survival" characteristics are ingrained in their genetics.

Potcakes are a breed of dog that is not suited for everyone, and most do best with an experienced dog owner. We recommend taking careful consideration prior to deciding to adopt a potcake, as like any breed of dog it is not a decision to be taken lightly and proper research is always very important. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may to help you make an informed decision on the adoption of a potcake! This way we can ensure that you and your potcake are set up for success. With lots of dedication, proper training, proper guidance, and patience, Potcakes become some of the most wonderful dogs in the entire world. The love receive from a potcake is really a love like no other. The bond you share with a potcake is unbreakable. All of the hard work put in to your potcake is always so worthwhile and truly so rewarding! 

We highly recommend you read this wonderful article written by Tash Lowe of Coyote Canine Dog Training. Tash and her team have worked with and rehabilitated numerous potcakes and has done an absolutely amazing job with every single one. We are VERY impressed by her knowledge and understanding of this wonderful breed. Tash's article can be found here: The Truth about Potcakes