Got questions? We've got answers! See below for our most frequently asked questions?

What is a Potcake?

Please see this page to learn about Potcakes :)

Where do your dogs come from?

We work with several islands to get homeless dogs in need into forever homes in Canada. Currently, we are working with Turks & Caicos, Antigua, Roatan, and the Bahamas. 

Why are you helping and importing dogs from other countries when we have so many dogs in need in Canada?

The bottom line is we believe EVERY LIFE MATTERS, regarding of geography. We support local rescue 100% and work with the Ontario SPCA on certain projects as well as support our rescue colleagues doing local rescue work. The sad reality is that these islands have very little or NO resources to help their stray population - and the population of these homeless animals ranges from the THOUSANDS to TENS OF THOUSANDS :( Without outside assistance, these islands simply do not not have the resources to help these animals. Here are some important FACTS about our mission:

  • We support the on-island rescues by providing proper medical protocols to ensure dogs are healthy and do not spread disease to other
  • We support the on-island rescues by providing much-needed supplies including medical supplies, food and more
  • We work with partners like CANDi (Cats and Dogs International) and on-island contacts to organize SPAY & NEUTER programs to help reduce the overpopulation problem from ground level
  • We spend time on the islands, educating people on the humane treatment of animals, and how to care for their animals
  • We absolutely recognize that animals in Canada are often subject to neglect and abuse, and we are lucky to have many rescues in this country who are equipped to help these animals in need. On the islands, there are no formal rescues or SPCA's (for the most part) - just caring people trying to do their best on their own or with a small group of people. They NEED our help. 
  • The level of outright malicious abuse and attacks on these dogs on island is absolutely horrific - they are subject to many forms of torture, and it is often widely accepted as "OK" because there are no animal mistreatment laws on these islands.

In closing, we believe it is our duty to help those less fortunate that us. We do not simply bring these dogs into Canada to find them homes, we work with the islands to help alleviate the overpopulation problem from the ground up - we work hard to make a difference.

Do you accept owner surrenders?

We have taken in many Potcakes whose owners can no longer keep them. If you are struggling with behavioural issues or think you may need to rehome your Potcake, please contact us.  

Your adoption fee is a bit higher than other rescues. Why is that?

The cost of bringing the dogs from the islands is the main reason, along with the often hefty veterinary bills that come along with these dogs who are often very ill upon intake. Depending on the time of year, airline available and method of travel (in-cabin or cargo), plus medical certificates and vet checks required just to leave the country, our adoption fee often barely covers that expense. Once they arrive in Canada we have further vet expenses and foster care expenses. We are a non-profit, volunteer-run organization and we rely SOLELY on adoption fees and donations to pay for all expenses.

How can I meet your dogs available for adoption?

We are a foster-based rescue and we do not have a holding facility/shelter. In order to view a dog, please follow our adoption process, outlined on the "Ready to Adopt?" page of this website. All meet and greets must be arranged in advance with the foster home after being approved to adopt.

How can I help?

Here are some of the ways you can help!

  • Be a flight escort! If you are travelling to Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, Roatan, or Antigua, please consider bringing a dog home with you! Contact us for more information.
  • Foster! We cannot bring a dog to Canada unless we have a foster home available! Please visit our "Interested in Fostering?" page to learn more and to apply. We cover all expenses!
  • Donate! We are always in need of monetary donations and supplies for dogs in our care. Visit our "How can you help" page to learn more.