Ready to adopt a potcake rescue puppy?

Hello Potential Adopter!

First off, THANK YOU for your interest in adopting a potcake! They are amazing dogs and a very unique “breed”. They are very different in many ways to regular domesticated dogs we have here in Canada. Potcakes make wonderful companions, but they are not for everyone. Like with any breed, it is highly recommended that potential adopters do lots of research to ensure a potcake is what you are looking for in your new furry family member! We have lots of information about Potcakes in our “What is a Potcake?” tab, that we STRONGLY encourage all potential adopters to read, but please do not hesitate to reach out to and ask us questions! We are always more than happy to help you make an informed decision on the adoption of an island dog! This page consists of all you need to know about our adoption process, we ask that you please read all of this information carefully! 


*** Please note that EOPR is currently NOT ACCEPTING adoption applications who are located outside of the Eastern Ontario region (no further than Kingston, ON). If you are located in Quebec within 2 hours from Ottawa, your application will still be accepted ***



- The very first step would be to submit an adoption application through this link: EOPR ADOPTION APPLICATION

- Our adoptions team reviews EVERY application we receive. Should your application be a potential match for the dog(s) you are interested in, or another dog we have in care that we feel would be suitable, you will be contacted by our adoptions team and informed that we have begun the adoption process. 

- Our volunteers will then contact your 2 personal references (please ensure that these are NOT immediate family members) and your vet reference (if applicable). 

- Once these references have been completed and reviewed by our adoptions coordinator, we will contact you again to proceed with the home visit portion of the process.

- The home visit is an opportunity for EOPR’s adoptions team to get to know you and your family a bit better, and to go over any questions we have for you, or any questions you have for us! We typically prefer to have the dogs accompany us on these home visits, so we can assess the interaction with the dog and their potential new family! It is important that ALL members of your household be present for this visit. 

- Pending approval after the home visit, we will then organize a time for you to pick up your puppy, and finalize the adoption process. At this time we go over EOPR’s adoption contract. 



- All applicants MUST be over 21 years of age.

- Applications MUST be completed in full. Any incomplete applications will be immediately disregarded. This includes personal and vet references which must be listed to proceed with the adoption process. 

- We strongly believe that every dog is an individual and we treat them as such. EOPR does not have a “no unfenced yards, no children, no apartments, no full-time employees, no first time dog owners” rule. Our adoptions team works very hard with our fosters to assess each dog thoroughly, and allow them adequate decompression time to have a fair assessment of their temperament and needs. If a dog is very vocal, they would not be suitable for apartment living. For example; If a dog is an escape artist, they MUST have a fenced yard. If a dog is weary of children or dominant, they are not suitable to live with young children. These decisions are all made when assessments have been completed and every dog's needs & requirements are listed in their adoption profiles! We strive to match each dog with the home that is best suited for THEM, and to match your family with the dog that is best suited for YOU. 



EOPR’s adoption fee for island dogs is $700, and the adoption includes the following:

- Air travel into Canada and all proper medical & import paperwork

- Full medical history - ALL dogs are seen by our vets here in Ottawa upon their arrival to EOPR from the islands. They are also inspected by a veterinarian and government vet prior to departing the originating country. 

- Age appropriate vaccinations. The cost of any required vaccinations after the date of adoption are the responsibility of the adopter. 

- All dogs are microchipped with a microchip registered to EOPR. 

- Training information document with lots of tools to help train your new puppy and ensure a smooth integration into their new family. 

- A new toy, chews & treats

- New collar & leash 

- Transition food. We highly recommend NOW Fresh or GO! dog food. It is required for all EOPR adopters to feed their dog a high quality grain-free kibble OR a nutritionally balanced raw diet. 

- Pet ID tag courtesy of our friends at Chew-That! 

- Spay/Neuter for dogs adopted over 6 months of age. For puppies adopted under 6 months of age, spay/neuter is the responsibility of the adopter, and is an important term included in the adoption contract. 

- 24/7, lifetime support from EOPR! We love each and every one of our rescue pups as our own, so we feel it is very important to be available for any support our adopters may need! 

Adoption fees for local rescue dogs range from $450-$550 and are always indicated in their adoption profiles! 



- Please keep in mind that we are a small, volunteer-run organization. All applications are reviewed and MUST be screened thoroughly. This is a process that is very important to us and that EOPR does not take lightly. We do our best to process applications as quickly as we possibly can, while still maintaining thoroughness. Sometimes this process can take a few days, to a few weeks. Your cooperation and patience is always appreciated! 

- EOPR does NOT accept applications for dogs who are not yet available for adoption. Please wait to submit your application until the dog has been posted our page with their adoption profile!

- To help us expedite your application, please list accurate contact information for your references and let them know to expect a call from an EOPR volunteer. Please also let your veterinary clinic (if applicable) know that we will be calling and that they have your permission to divulge basic information (i.e. whether your current or past pets are/were kept up to date on vaccinations and regular health checks). 

- Please read the dog’s adoption profile VERY CAREFULLY. We cannot stress enough that profiles are full of very important information, and are written to give you a glimpse of each dog’s temperament, needs, and requirements for their new home. If these profiles are not read, you could be missing VERY key parts of information and applying for a dog that is not suitable for you. This prolongs the application process a great amount. 

Please note that EOPR reserves the right to refuse ANY applicant should we feel they are not suitable for the adoption of a potcake or local rescue dog. Owning a dog is a privilege, not a right!